This time of year, it’s hard to take a breath with all the work there is to do. If your organization is working with garlic mustard this season, check out some of the resources below!

Working with volunteers
Volunteers are an invaluable workforce when it comes to managing garlic mustard! If you’re planning volunteer workdays as part of your management plan, brush up on the tips trick with this powerpoint (developed by Martha Gruelle, with the help of our many partners and with funding provided by a grant from Sustain Our Great Lakes). This presentation was developed to teach others how to run a volunteer workday. Download a copy, and insert your own information! We have twenty similar workshop kits on other topics (please contact us at if you’re interested in using other kits).

Working with Volunteers Powerpoint

Getting the word out

Telling people about the work your doing is an important step in inspiring others – especially if you need people to know about upcoming volunteer opportunities! We’ve developed a press packet you can use for advertising your upcoming events and your involvement in the 2016 Garlic Mustard Challenge. Please dig in, and share any thoughts you have about this material with us at

Press Packet:
2016_Press_Release_template Event Flyer  | Event Postcard   |  Garlic Mustard ID Card

You can also post your organization’s workdays at Follow that link, and then click on the “Submit an Event” link. You’ll be taken to a form asking for all the details of the event, which will only take a couple minutes to fill out. Be sure to get your event up a couple weeks in advance . This calendar is up and open for your stewardship events year round – please post!

Share your progress

Managing for a garlic mustard is a race against the clock – the plant’s biological clock! You’ve got to get in, get pulling, and get out before the seed pods start bursting. In order to keep the spirit going and drive your work, tell us and other Challenge participants about how your work is going. For short updates, please post to our Facebook page at  For longer stories, feel free to email us at We’re always looking for stories to share here at the Garlic Mustard Challenge blog. Did you have a great workday, see some cool animals or wildflowers at a pull, meet great neighbors doing similar work, or make the big push to get your site Garlic Mustard Free? We want to hear about it, and we want to share it with other readers. Drop us a line!

Your local Cluster

Clusters are made up of partner organizations and individuals who support each others’ work and come together to develop common stewardship goals. Having this kind of inter-organizational support helps develop regional management plans, draw more public attention to our work, and go after funding sources that might not otherwise be available. If you’re living or working within one of our current Clusters, get in touch with your local planning committee and see how you can get involved. If there isn’t a Cluster in your area and you want to know how to start one, contact us at to start the conversation.


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